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Azbar Plus proudly manufactures the wide range of Azbar products. With 26 years of experience in the business, our variety of management products have made a significant impact in bars as well as in restaurants. Our goal is to give you outstanding customer service with fast, professional and courteous advices.

You can count on our skilled staff to give your company all the support it deserves and needs.

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In restaurants or in bars, whatever the drink, our control and management systems are the best in the business. Our all-in-one systems are reliable, user friendly, and easily adjustable to your needs and your methods. They are ready to use on delivery and we guarantee your money back in record time.

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Cocktail Tower

Cocktail tower liquor dispenser
  • Dispenses up to 60 different brands
  • Can mix up to 16 brands per cocktail recipe
  • Prepares cocktails in 3 seconds
  • Can also dispense juice and soft drinks
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Beer Head

Draft beer and wine dispenser
  • The only beer head on the market with an integrated flow meter
  • Monitors quantity poured
  • Choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
  • Also dispenses draft wine
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AZ-200 Controller

AZ-200 Controller
  • Consists a point of sale (POS) system with integrated programmable keyboard
  • Controls up to 255 different brands and 255 different cocktails
  • Manages all your price specials (Happy Hour, Ladies’ Night, etc.)
  • Manages a choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
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