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Faster pouring and more efficient management

Pour cocktails in 3 seconds! See video

Pour hard liquor, juice and soft drinks, all at once! Automate recipes, pouring sizes and prices specials. No learning curve.

Our hot seller? The Azbar Cocktail Tower system. Integrated user-friendly BOSS software allows you to fully set up your system, customize reports, create personalized keyboards and manage inventory.

The Azbar Cocktail Tower system interfaces to many different point-of-sales systems on the market.

See Azbar Cocktail Tower system specifications.

See Azbar BOSS software specifications.

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Fully integrated bar management

The AZ200 system provides efficient operation for bars and small restaurants, from pouring to billing, from reporting your sales to ordering from your suppliers. Controls your bottled liquors and wines, draught beer and wine, soft drinks, and cocktails, with true control.  User-friendly system software allows you to customize reports and fully configure the entire system.

The AZ200 interfaces to many different point-of-sale systems on the market.

See Azbar Az200 system specifications.

See Azbar BOSS software specifications.


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Efficient and discreet control

The AZJunior system provides simplified operation and maintenance, and makes it easy to obtain the data you want from the reporting software. A truly effective liquor control system made especially for small and medium-sized establishments.

The AZJunior interfaces to many different point-of-sale systems on the market.

See AZJunior system specifications.

See Azbar BOSS software specifications.

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