Cocktail Tower

Cocktail Tower

Fast cocktail dispenser


  • Tower-Spec1
    Prepares cocktails in 3 seconds
  • Tower-Spec2
    Dispenses up to 60 different brands
  • Tower-Spec3
    Can mix up to 16 brands per cocktail recipe 
  • Tower-Spec4
    Can also dispense juice and soft drinks that are part of a cocktail

Operating mode      Watch the video  

Select the cocktail using the AZ200 controller's keyboard and all the brands in cocktail recipe are dispensed at once. If a required brand of liquor is not programmed on the tower,  you can program a spout that will complete the cocktail. If the bartender does not pick a bottle programmed for the cocktail recipe, the system will not permit the bartender to pour a substitute brand to complete the drink. This ensures that the customer gets exactly what he or she ordered.

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